Tips for How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

It is the middle of the night, you are scooped up in your chair, googling away tips and tricks to make your hair grow faster over-night.
Yes, we are looking at you.
And yes, we have also been down that rabbit hole. While there are endless promises of products and techniques which swear to boost your lengths by an inch or so “overnight” (we are looking at you, reverse method!), it might not always be the case. In fact, most of the time (sorry ladies and gents), it is full-blown fiction.
On average, your hair grows half an inch per month. Depending on your genetics, diet, and a whole load of other factors, this will vary. If you are ready to commit to some serious hair growth and ready to see some new length then grab your hydrating hair masks, luscious oils, scalp scrubs and a great deal of patience, and dig into the 7 best practice tips for how to make your hair grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Scalp Oils and Head Massages … yes please. 

The ancient practice of hair oiling has become a staple practice in many cultures. In the century-old Indian science of Ayuruveda, hair oiling is a staple practice in the maintenance of personal wellness and health. This incredible ritual allowed women to reap the benefits of oiling the scalp with coconut oil, vegetable oil, and any other oils they had access to, sometimes mixing them to create the perfect concoction for healthy, strong, and shiny hair. You can check out our selection of oils here.
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Auntie Jackie's Nourish My Hair Flaxseed & Monoi Oil is a great scalp treatment for promoting healthier, stronger strands   £3.99 
For faster growing and stronger looking hair, oil your hair an hour or two before washing, making sure to massage with your finger pads gently in circular motions. This will stimulate blood circulation in your scalp and activate the hair growth cells. Do not expect luscious locks overnight – this ritual is best incorporated into your hair routine long-term for an overall improvement to the quality of the hair and better blood circulation to the area. 

Healthy Ends = Quicker Growth

If you want an overall improved state of hair, start today by booking yourself a healthy trim. It’s important to get rid of dead ends two to three times per year to avoid existing split ends from splitting further and breaking at random lengths throughout the hair. Split ends is the number one reason for stunted hair growth. 

Splurge On Hair Conditioners and Hair Treatments

For faster hair growth results, preventing breakage will ensure all the effort that you have put into extending the length of your locks lasts. Do not hold back when lathering your hair in conditioner, and never miss out on strengthening leave-in treatments. These will keep your ends sealed and prevent further breaking.
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Shea Moisture Strengthen and Restore Leave-In Conditioner Moisturises Your Ends Like No Other. Suitable for all hair types  £10.50

Protective Hairstyles For The Win

Calling all curly and wavy hair ladies! (And gents, of course). If your hair type falls between the 2a-4c category, you will benefit from protective styling. 
braids protective hairstyle just right beauty
Check out our Top 10 Protective Hairstyles blogpost here for some serious style inspo.
The concept of protective styling means you touch your hair as little as possible, and it is not being tugged or pulled in the process. Ensure you use moisturising butters or hair lotions prior to styling to lock the moisture into your hair for the duration of the style to avoid dry, break-age prone hair.
creme of nature hair lotion creamy moisturising
If you're opting for some braids as a protective style, use Creme of Nature Hair Lotion to keep your strands moisturised while in braids  £3.45

Balanced Diet For Better Hair, And A Better You

It goes without saying, you are what you eat. To make sure your hair is growing at the optimal health level, ensure your body is receiving enough nutrients through a balanced, varied diet. 
While the speed of growth is a matter of uncontrollable factors l like gender, hormones, age and genetics, maintaining a balanced diet means your organs will be nourished enough to be able to prioritise the hair follicles instead of the other vital organs. 
Ensure your diet contains protein, grains, fruits, vegetables and a moderate amount of fat. Omega-3 fatty acids, B12, Biotin, iron and Vitamins C and A are all great additions (which may be digested as supplements) to preventing dull and dry hair, 

Give Your Hair A Break From Chemical Processing

Putting your hair under any sort of stress (whether it be chemical or internal such as incorrect diet), can inevitably impact not only the speed of growth but the quality of your ends.
If you often dye or process your hair with perms and relaxers, your ends are likely to be prone to breakage, shedding and splitting. As time goes on, this makes hair growth almost impossible as your hair breaks at the ends as it grows from the roots. 
Got any more tips? Leave your experiences or tips down below in the comments below.
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