How To Look After Hair Extensions The Right Way

Figuring out the best care for your hair extensions doesn’t need to be complicated. As with the hair on your head, the best hair extensions maintenance comes from using the right product and moderating heat styling. Sounds easy enough, right? Read on for some tips and tricks on how to look after hair extensions and get the most out of them.
Keep your hair tangle-free by brushing no more than 3 times per day with either a wide toothed comb, or a soft-bristle brush. Always brush BEFORE washing your hair and never brush the hair when it’s wet! Wet strands are more prone to breakage and are more likely to shed. For gentle de-tangling, try the Tangle Angel Brush which comes in a range of colours. 
 tangle brush white for hair extensions and best hair extensions aftercare from just right beauty
Keep your hair fresh by washing 2-3 times per week (if the hair is installed), and once every 2-3 uses if looking after Clip-Ins. Why not try the TIGI Bed Hed Rehab For Hair Shampoo + Conditioner Set for intense hydration and an unforgettable fresh smell.
hair extensions aftercare how to shampoo your hair extensions just right beauty
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Where the hair extensions are installed, apply shampoo gently to the scalp and massage with your fingertips in an up and down motion. Avoid washing in circular motions as this may cause the hair to tangle.
Avoid hair products with alcohol as this will dry out your hair, making them more prone to frizziness and breakage. Ensure your hair is always dry before going to bed, otherwise it may tangle and break while you toss and turn during your sleep.
Less is more, even with hair extensions. Don’t overload your hair with product as this will create product build up. Stick to shampoo, conditioner, an occasional hair mask (apply to ends only), heat-protectant spray and a serum or leave-in conditioner before drying.
 gorgeous elyssia keratin hair mask for hair extensions aftercare just right beauty
Restore damaged ends with a Keratin mask and pro-long the life of your hair extensions here
Who doesn’t love a fabulous blow dry, or some glamorous waves when we have hair extensions installed?
africanm pride black castor oil heat protection spray heat protectant thermal protection spray for hair extensions aftercare just right beauty
Rule Number 1: Never run out of a heat protection spray! Try the African Pride Black Castor Miracle Anti Humidity Spray here.
While your human hair extensions can be heat styled, make sure to use heat protection before blow drying and before using any heat appliances. If there is only one step you’re going to remember, let it be that a heat protector is essential when using heat on your hair extensions.
Applying any type of intense chemicals or hair colouring treatment is prone to damaging the hair extensions, much like with your own hair. For the best hair care maintenance and most pro-longed hair extensions use, we advise against all colour and shape altering treatments such as permanent dyes, tinting and perms on the hair.
You just installed a beautiful set of hair extensions for your summer vacation. But can you swim underwater and dive with the hair? We recommend against getting your hair wet in the pool as the chlorine will induce significant dryness, much like the salt in the ocean and sea.
hair up for hair extensions on holiday extensions aftercare just right beauty
Should you find yourself cooling down in a pool on your holiday, ensure your hair is braided or tied up and your head kept above the water level to prevent getting it wet. Even if you did not swim, dry your hair before bed to dry out any dampness which may reside between the strands.
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