Hairstyles for Carnival 2023


The long-awaited bank holiday weekend filled with music, incredible food, dazzling outfits and gracious hairstyles is under way. After two years without carnival, this year we can expect a flamboyant party that is better, louder, and more dazzling than ever before.

Be prepared for the three-day long celebration by planning your fit in advance. But of course, no style is complete without a fabulous hairstyle to accompany it.


Colour Makes the World Go ‘Round.

Colour saw a huge comeback post lockdown. Vibrant pinks, powerful greens and gracious purples were all welcomed to our wardrobes as a response to everyone’s newly found freedom and desire for bright, happy colours.

 just right beauty blue hair wig 2022

Our hair makes no expectations to this phenomenon. Quite frankly, Carnival is a perfect excuse to step outside your comfort zone and get down with some spontaneous colours in your locks.

Because if not at Carnival, then when?! Do something daring - live a little!


Braids for the Win.

It is without a doubt that this month’s heat means keeping your neck free to the fresh air is the best way to go. If you’re not sure what hairstyle to go with, then rest assured that you can’t go wrong with knotless or box braids.

Braided styles are sleek, protective, and functional. Just what you need for a weekend full of endless dancing. Staying up on your feet all day will be tiring, and braiding your hair means you will remain looking well put together no matter how exhausting the day might be.


Braids + Colour = Double Win.

If braids are your style of choice, why not jazz it up and stand out from the literal crowd of millions with a pop of colour. 


You can protect your natural hair by braiding in coloured X-Pressions for a fun look without the damage of chemical processing.

Sleek pony/braid.

If you want your outfit and your make-up to take centre stage, sleek your hair into a smooth pony.

For extra effect, attach a clip-in ponytail or add some X-Pressions and braid your hair into a voluminous, long braid. This style never disappoints and elevates any look.


Classic Cornrows.

Originating from Africa, cornrows come in many styles and forms. Cornrows have the effect to frame your face, lift your look and add depth to your style.


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