Top 7 Hottest Hair Trends 2022 For All Hair Types

Red hues, framing layers and natural textures – here’s the most wanted hair trends of 2022

It won’t take much scrolling through your IG feed until you see some copper bronze hair colours, flicked out (or in) 90s layers, or the iconic bob length hair. And for all the right reasons – we’re obsessed with the shift towards the 90’s / Y2K inspired hairstyles. Nostalgic? Yes. Hairdresser approved? Absolutely.

There is no doubt that the two-year lock down has significantly influenced the way in which haircare and hairstyling is perceived. With an increased awareness of time and a shift towards more ‘minimal’ looks, low-maintenance styles are dominating this year’s hair scene. Think multi-dimensional layers, low-maintenance browns and embracing the natural textures of the strands. This year is all about dramatic changes, embracing the natural texture of your hair, and falling in love with brunette and blonde tones all over again.


 1. Copper Red Hues for 2022

Out with the blondes, in with the copper hues. Red tones have been rocked fiercely by celebrities and models on and off the catwalks, and it looks like the trend is here to stay.

just right beauty red hair on curly afro hair copper red dark ginger hue colored hair trends 2022
(Image via Pinterest Jena Revamped)

From Kendall Jenner to SZA, the copper hair trend is a bold, refreshing alternative to the classic blondes and brunette trends. Add a pop of colour to your life and refresh your look by opting for copper tones.

just right beauty red hues dark ginger colours copper shades hottest hair trends 2022
(Image via Pinterest SeunBaby)

 If you're ready to take the plunge and try on the hottest hair color shade of 2022, try the Creme of Nature Red Copper Color 6.


2. Low-Maintenance Layered Haircuts for 2022

Ready to reap the benefits of a layered haircut? Endless styling variety, longevity in between hairdresser appointments, instant volume, and finally (our favourite) less time faffing in front of the mirror in the morning. Need we say more? 

just right beauty long layers blonde hair long face framing pieces voluminous long hair hottest hair trends 2022
(Image via pinterest)

 Ask your hairdresser for long, face framing layers if you are looking to add more texture to your hair without committing to anything too spontaneous. Feeling the 90s era, and a dash braver? Ask for some shorter 90s layers (also known as the Rachel cut) for the ultimate low-maintenance throw-back glamour.

 just right beauty curly layered hair voluminous blonde natural curls with layers hottest hair trends 2022
(Image via pinterest)

Curly hair can greatly benefit from a layered haircut. By lifting weight off your curls, they become more bouncy, flowy, and give you a voluminous, face framing finished look. Use the Shea Moisture Mousse for curly hair to create defined, voluminous curls.


3. Brunette Lovin’ for 2022

Speaking of low-maintenance hair- luscious brunette shades are here to stay. Brown hair is undoubtedly easier to look after than blonde hair, so if you’ve been blonde for a while or simply want to refresh your brown hues, consider embracing a more natural brown shade.

cn.xo instgram just right beauty curly hair trends brown brunette curls 2022 hottest hair trends
(Credits to @cn.xo via Instagram)

Choose a one-dimensional brown tone for a bold look, or a lifted hue of browns complemented by lighter strands for the ultimate face-framing sun-kissed vibe.


4. Natural Textures for 2022

There has never been a better time for embracing your natural textures. Put aside your heat styling tools, invest in nourishing hair care, and give your hair the loving break it deserves because this year, less is more. 

just right beauty natural hair textures naturally curly hair hair type 2 hair curl type 2b natural black hair hottest hair trends 2022
(Image via

Natural curls, effortless waves and unruly textures are all in this year. If you really can’t resist your flat iron, use on hair ends and on hair pieces around the face by gentle twisting in different directions for effortless, undone waves. For curly-hair girls, drench your strands in moisture and embrace your curls in all their glory.

naturally curly hair textures just right beauty hottest hair trends 2022
 For defined and moisturised curls, try the As I Am Double Butter Creamy Rich Daily Moisturiser

5. Bob lengths for 2022

If you’re seeking an instant face lift without the commitment irreversible surgery, bob lengths could be your answer. Dubbed as the most requested haircut of 2022, the bob is a classic method of adding more character, fierceness, and romance into your style.

just right beauty short hair length haircut bob length hair inspiration hottest hair trends 2022
(image via Pinterest

Say good-bye to exhausted and damaged ends and embrace the ease of short hair by opting for a chin-length bob, or a lob (long bob) if you’re not ready to part ways with your full length just yet.


6. 90’s Inspired Updos for 2022

The supermodels of the 80’s and naughty 90’s paved way for making the effortless up-do a chic statement. Think a high bun (or pony) with front framing chin-length layers left out. It’s a look that screams comfort and elegance all at once. No wonder celebs like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid can be seen rocking this style on the red carpet.

90s inspired updo hairstyle ideas hottest hair trends 2022 just right beauty rihanna with a 90s updo and curtain bangs
(Image of Rihanna via Pinterest

Use a texturizing spray or the twisting of your flat iron in an outward motion to add some voluminous texture to your front pieces.

just right beauty 90s hairstyle black hair half up half down natural hair style inspiration hottest hair trends 2022
(Image via

7. Curtain Bangs for 2022

Speaking of the 90’s – looks like the curtain bangs are not going anywhere. And we love it. The framing effect of this haircut might take an extra few minutes in the morning to style– but the effortless supermodel blow-out look it creates is well worth the effort.

just right beauty hair bangs samantha la gaipa faceframing curtain bangs hottest hair trends 2022
(Credits @samnthalagaipa via Instagram)

Ask you hairdresser for face framing curtain bangs or a long curtain fringe and watch your whole face lift and brighten instantly. There is something undeniably refreshing about face framing bangs, and the different lengths means it just might suit any face shape, if we do say so ourselves.


Whatever hair style you settle with, we would love to see what you come up with! Follow us on Instagram at @JustRightBeautyOfficial join the community of hair-loving, curl-embracing, skin-nurturing enthusiasts.

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