Revlon is a classic American beauty brand with a history of innovation and glamour. It started in the salons of New York City in 1932 with a single product: a revolutionary nail polish that came in an irresistible array of colours. Now, Revlon products are sold in more than 100 countries across six continents.

    As a leading cosmetics brand, Revlon has revitalised the industry over the years with its beloved lip and nail colour, breakthrough technology like Colorstay long-wear make-up, and its iconic brand ambassadors, such as Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Sofia Carson and Megan Thee Stallion. With a wide range of lipsticks, foundations, highlighting palettes, eyeshadows, mascaras and primers, Revlon aims to inspire and empower women everywhere to look, feel and be their best selves.
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    Revlon Realistic Black Seed Curl Custard Pudding - 300ml
    Revlon Realistic Black Seed Twisting Pudding Curl Custard 300ml
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